On June 7th, 2018 I fought my first recorded kickboxing fight ever.

Unfortunately the outcome was a decision loss. It wasn't what I wanted, but to be honest I didn't dwell on it too much either. I had fought smokers (in-house matches) before and to tell you the truth I did not feel they were any different than the amateur bout I competed in. I had some wins, some losses, but all throughout those years of fighting my heart was in somewhere else: the arts. 

So why fight?

A friend of mine once told me there are two types of people in martial arts:

                     1) Those that really really love to fight.

                     2) Those that do it for self improvement.

I fall into the latter category. About every 5 years when I feel my art career stalling I get back into heavy training. That's exactly what happened between 2017 - 2018. When I was living in SoCal I trained at "Carlson Gracie Paramount and Conviction Muay Thai" in Paramount. I had already been doing kickboxing for over a decade, but since the move I didn't have my usual group of friends to train with. Finding that school was great. Motivated me to get into shape. I remember dropping 15lbs from training a lot. I was faster, stronger, and leaner too.

I don't know if I'd jump back into the arena again. My love for Muay Thai has

honestly waned since I decided to get more serious about my own projects. But I  still train hard everyday. The learning lesson for me here wasn't about being some Billy Badass, but that it is possible for me to overcome life's adversities.

It's not easy living a life you want, but much easier to quit when things get hard.

For all the missteps, failures, and heartbreaks I've experienced, I've also experienced the other side of it as well. In moments of darkness I've fought hard to get out of them and at the end was love, happiness, and joy.

My short comic, "Nak Muay" is presented here in it's entirety. Enjoy!

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