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STEVEN YU DESIGN STUDIO specializes in action-packed comics and graphic novels.

SYD Studio strives to provide top-notch art and stories in thrilling, captivating, and most often quirky ways.

It's solely ran by that half man-half machine madman, Steven Yu who watches way

too many 80's/90's action movies and quotes way too frequently scenes from MIchael Bay's "The Rock".


Steven Yu is a comic book creator, filmmaker, and martial arts enthusiast. His work has been described as "Claude Monet" meets "80's Action Films". 

When he's not freelancing or teaching art, he's busy working on his weird John Woo meets Tarantino meets Joan of Arc revenge mash up comic, "JOAN".


The first issue is available now at COMIXOLOGY.

For commission inquiries and teaching sessions contact Steven at: