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Steven Yu started his art career storyboarding the Global Goods Campaign for the United Nations Foundation in 2012. Shortly after, a career in storyboarding took him to LA where he worked on commercials for companies like Google, Toyota, and Taco Bell. In between commercial gigs, Steven worked on illustrating for independent comics and films, like DUST channel's cyberpunk thriller, "R.O.A.M.".

But when his father passed away and COVID hit, it forced Steven to reconsider his life's mission. Visual storytelling for him has always been about personal expression; and so he left LA to pursue a life in independent graphic novel creation. When Steven is not busy touring and exhibiting his works at comic book conventions and art festival, teaching design and illustration, and freelancing, he can be found in his studio working on his on-going medeival punk western graphic novel series, "JOAN" inspired loosely by the history of JOAN of ARC.


Joan: Vol 1 is now available in PHYSICAL and DIGITAL form at: his GUMROAD store.

For serious business inquiries please contact Steven at:

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