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STEVEN YU DESIGN STUDIO specializes in action-packed comics and graphic novels.

SYD Studio strives to provide top-notch art and stories in thrilling, captivating, and most often quirky ways.

It's solely ran by that half man-half machine madman, Steven Yu who watches way

too many 80's/90's action movies and quotes way too frequently scenes from MIchael Bay's "The Rock".


Steven Yu is a comic book creator, filmmaker, and martial arts enthusiast. His work has been described as "Claude Monet" meets "80's Action Films". 

His latest graphic novel, Joan: Vol 1, is a gonzo medieval spaghetti western that's a love letter to 90's anime, John Woo movies, and the dialogue of Quentin Tarantino.


Joan: Vol 1 is now available in PHYSICAL and DIGITAL form at: his GUMROAD store.

For serious business inquiries please contact Steven at:

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