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Taking A Chance on Yourself

There was a conversation I had recently with my partner about beliefs, but not the religious kind. It is the belief in your own self worth and the belief in your own life's journey. This isn't always easy because, 1) your sense of your own worth and value isn't always reflected by the capitalist system we live in; and 2) believing in your life's path isn't always backed by data of success so you'll have to resort to blind faith. "Prove it and then I'll believe it" isn't necessarily wrong, but if we dreamers are always waiting for something to tell us something is real we're setting ourselves up for failure. A lot of career opportunities that have come to artists didn't come from sitting and doing nothing; rather, they have always sought out those opportunities. I remember one story artist, who was in between work, cold calling producers and offering his services. When nothing was coming his way, he went outside the box and offered his illustration services to local martial arts gyms. Eventually one gym hired him to design a series of decals for their window display and he went as far as helping them with pre-press and production duties. He didn't wait for someone to believe in him; instead he led with self-belief and then took action. We forget to do this a lot of times because we don't see that there are successful people who bet on themselves. We're led to believe that if we haven't seen it, therefore it does not exist.

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