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Art Dump, Anxiety, and Learning to Relax

Here's a random storyboard art dump today.

These were boards developed from 2016 to around 2018 when I worked in LA. The first 5 plates were images for a military action movie I was working on when I first moved to San Gabriel Valley. Codename: Johnny Walker was about an Iraqi interpreter who became a close ally to a squad of US military soldiers during Saddam Hussein's reign. 28 Entertainment - who was producing the project - had me on for pre-production for around 2 months, where they took me to see military vehicles that they would rent and Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, which would be a stand in location for Iraq. Unfortunately, the film never saw the light of day, but man that was an amazing intro to the LA filmmaking process.

But that's the LA story. Here today, gone tomorrow. You can get caught up in the past and never move forward - and that's never good, because it'll just make you depressed; the opposite is true too about future thinking and anxiety. I'm learning recently on how to stay mindful. 2.5 years later, post Quarantine, I think it's a good idea to get back into our bodies. I take feeling good over anxious feelings any day. The key for me recently has been focusing on craft first and product second. It's only then do I really feel as if I'm in my body and making it one with my mind.


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