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Just a quick thought of the day before I get some work done:

Don't you want to show up for a job you want to show up for and get paid for it? Or does that sound insane? I've heard aphorisms like, "paying your dues" and "that's just the way things are" - and yet the same people espousing these sayings are the same ones unhappy with their jobs. Yes, ALL JOBS have their share of problems, but not all jobs are created equal. Just like not all shit sandwiches are created equal. You get your pickings of shit sandwiches and what you do with it. You put up with your boss because you are paid to do so, but you would happily put up with a job with a mission you value deeply.

But I guess I'm wrong, because what I'm hearing from people is that you should, "suffer for something you don't want to do" and "just keep your mouth shut and be grateful because you're being paid." Alriiiiight....

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